Youth Volunteers campaign against coronavirus extended to Kigali

On 20 May 2020 at 01:51

Members of Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Community Policing (RYVCP) in City of Kigali have reignited the awareness campaign against the spread of coronavirus which causes COVID 19.

The youth movement with volunteers across the country is actively engaged in supporting government efforts of educating and influencing positive behaviors in order to fight and prevent the spread of the pandemic.

The awareness campaign on the virus has so far been conducted in different parts of Nyarugenge District, especially in bus terminals, bus stops and business centers like markets and trading centers.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Marie-Gorette Umutesi, the Police spokesperson for Central region said that generally people are complying with the directives and regulations put in place to fight against the spread of Coronavirus but there are some individuals who breach them, either knowingly or unknowingly.

“There are some people who do not comply with coronavirus prevention guidelines especially social distance and the curfew. The youth volunteers are working with the Police to educate people in different places so that they understand well and respect all directives,” CIP Umutesi said.

She added: “The youth volunteers are using public sound systems to send the message to public places on respecting the one meter space between people in markets, bus stops, sanitizing or washing their hands and to wear face-masks. They are educating and encouraging them to use cashless payment to prevent the spread or catching coronavirus through currencies.”

Nailla Uwamahoro, the youth coordinator in Nyarugenge District said that they deliver the message in public places to reach many people who reside in City of Kigali.

“The Police have been delivering these messages but our role is to add our voice and to further reach many people in our communities and public areas. We believe it will have fruitful results.

The awareness campaign has, too, been taken to Nyabihu and Burera districts. The youth group, which started in 2013, currently has over 300, 000 members across the country.