Zimbabwe condemns US sanctions against Mnangagwa and officials amidst allegations of human rights violations

By Esther Muhozi
On 8 March 2024 at 12:39

On March 6, 2024, Zimbabwe condemned sanctions imposed by the United States on individuals including President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his wife, Auxillia Mnangagwa.

The United States announced these sanctions on March 4, explaining that Mnangagwa, his wife, and other government officials of Zimbabwe were involved in embezzling the country’s assets and violating human rights.

The Deputy Spokesperson for the President of Zimbabwe reminded that their country has been under unjust sanctions by the United States since 2001.

He also mentioned that the United States made this decision alone, disregarding international law and the United Nations’ regulations.

He stated, “This decision of hostility was made by America alone and has deviated from international law and what is stipulated by the United Nations, given credence by the unapproved history of successive American Presidents, where the United States has established laws and policies to punish independent African countries, which are neither adjacent nor share a history.”

“All these decisions do not comply with the law and are baseless and continue to be so today until they are lifted without any justification.”

The Government of Zimbabwe has announced that the United Nations once condemned the sanctions America imposed on the country, but it refused to relent, continuing to increase them up to the administration of President Joe Biden.

Because of these sanctions, the Government of Zimbabwe indicated that some American officials in the Biden administration have continued to insult leaders from Zimbabwe, including employees of the American Embassy in Harare.

It has demanded the Biden administration to present evidence supporting these accusations, or else, to lift them without delay. “We ask the Biden administration to provide evidence supporting these accusations, and if not done promptly, to withdraw them.”

The sanctions against Zimbabwean officials followed after an investigative report titled ‘Gold Mafia’ was published by Al Jazeera in April 2023.

This report exposed how minerals were being illegally extracted from Zimbabwe and sold in various countries, aiming to circumvent the sanctions imposed by the United States on the country.