27 years on, Genocidaires, apologists’ distortion of facts and destabilization agenda hit a dead end, PART I

By Sam Abdul Aziz Sewanyana Jr
On 3 May 2021 at 05:40

As Rwanda and the rest of the world paused to mourn, for the 27th time, over one million Tutsi victims killed during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, those responsible for descending the country into the tragedy aren’t done yet, they carried on with their ill-conceived agenda to deny, belittle the crimes against humanity they blatantly orchestrated and committed. They have been deeply invested in facts distortion about the genocide and the destabilization of Rwanda which have constantly yielded no positive gains.

After suffering a huge blow, members of the genocidal regime, their apologists and the people bankrolling their activities still think they can deceive the world by peddling lies and unfounded allegations against the Rwandan government and the leadership of the ruling party Rwanda Patriotic Front, RPF-Inkotanyi. They embarked on yet another front whose aim is to taint the Rwandan leadership’s reputation on the global arena and sabotage the ongoing development process hence plunge the country into another 1994 like turmoil, in vain.

Efforts to subvert Rwanda hit a brick wall. Before the gallant men and women of the Rwanda Patriotic Army- RPA Inkotanyi led by then Chairman of its High Command, now President of the Republic and Commander in Chief, Paul Kagame, took up arms to fight injustices, tribalism, impunity and all manner of human rights abuses by the former sectarian regime, there was a well-studied plan to exterminate Tutsi, awaiting execution. When RPA/F- Inkotanyi liberated the country, many thought that these people would give up on their evil agenda or even repent but not for a second they would so, this took the public by surprise when everyone realized that their mission to ethnically cleanse Tutsi was still on their table.

The reorganization of the defeated genocidal army and militias to topple the RPF’s formed Unity Government, died in the water. The genocidaires made of its top, lower-ranking military and civilian personnel fled to the former Zaire, current Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where many found their way to different destinations across the world. Upon arrival, they reorganized, recruited Hutu militias which included former Interahamwe and fresh recruits from the fleeing population.

They got support from their sponsors and themselves (being equally important to note that they had emptied the state coffers), used the military ammunition they fled with, to launch new subversive attacks commonly known as ‘Ibitero by’abacengezi’ on the Rwandan territories. The core mission remained same, to finish off the remaining Tutsi and topple the new leadership; little did they know that the same brave RPA forces that had just stopped the genocide were getting even stronger than ever before. Even more so, it had become a national army-Rwanda Defense Force, RDF after the unification with members from the defeated army.

The failure of Abacengezi insurgencies. The newly instituted leadership decides to take the bull by the horns, they embarked a journey to recovery but this did not augur well with the Genocidaires and their sponsors. In the same quest to peace, security and stability, the loyal forces of the RDF fiercely repulsed their attacks which saw them completely defeated. The remnants fled again while the captives and POWs were reintegrated in the Rwandan society. But still, the genocidaires could not learn any lessons.

After suffering another setback, they rallied support from Western-based Hutu extremists, genocide apologists and formed rebel groups such as Rassemblement Démocratique or the Republican Rally for Democracy in Rwanda, (RDR), Armée pour la Libération du Rwanda or the Army for the Liberation of Rwanda (ALiR ) which later became FDLR, all these groups’ efforts to disrupt Rwanda’s peace remain an exercise in futility. The recurring failure of these people is mainly attributed to the fact that Rwandans made the right choices, committed to support President Kagame’s leadership toward building a durable peace, and taking part in the transformational development journey after the country had been messed up.

The conception of “Double Genocide” narrative that collapsed right from its scripting. After failing almost on all fronts, the Genocidaires, their sympathizers and sponsors embarked on the misinformation campaign. The genocidaires’ inclinations were to overthrow the government of Rwanda by inventing half-baked allegations and fictitious rhetoric which would incriminate the current leadership and lead to the stringent sanctions by the West, this did not only remain a wishful thinking but also went the other way round.

Having realized the magnitude of crimes against humanity they had just committed, the genocidaires faced an uphill task to convince their Western-based allies to support their new front, it was too alarming to the extent that none wished to associate himself with the criminals. The only way out was to invent the ’double genocide’ theory to justify and cover up their horrendous crimes, but they were extremely challenged by the facts about the genocide, which equally vindicate the RPF-Inkotanyi over such unfounded allegations.

Putting things into perspective, if RPF had intentions to commit a genocide, President Kagame wouldn’t have issued tough orders preventing any form of revenge, there were armed soldiers whose families were wiped out in the Genocide, they would have revenged but punitive measures were put in place and who ever attempted to revenge was held to account. This was followed by the abolition of the death penalty which begs a serious question of why the RPF-Inkotanyi would do such a thing of it was really interested in committing another genocide as these people deceitfully allege?

Furthermore, when the unified armed forces pursuit the genocidal army Ex-FAR and Interahamwe militias in the DR Congo, the unity government peacefully repatriated over 3 million Hutu refugees back home, the question gain remains if the RPF leadership wanted to perpetrate a genocide, then why would it save millions of lives of the people whom majority had committed crimes? These evidences vouch for the fact that the ‘Double Genocide’ is just a hoax, a conspiracy theory only meant to whitewash the killers so as to conceal their heinous crimes perpetrated against innocent Tutsi, to run away from accountability.

PART 2, the columnist will dissect more on the Genocidaires’ aborted mission to deny, belittle the Genocide against Tutsi and the destabilization of Rwanda.

Sam Abdul Aziz Sewanyana- Junior is a Political Analyst based in the Great Lakes Region.

Genocide suspect Felicien Kabuga (left) who was arrested last year and Agathe Kanziga, the wife of former President Juvénal Habyarimana.
FDLR political leader, Gen Victor Byiringiro.