A drunkard divorcee who has neglected own children, Dr. Kayumba Christopher, wants to provide alternative leadership to Rwanda! Is it a joke?

By Sebisaho Laurien
On 14 April 2021 at 08:15

“UPDATE: Yyussa Plaza abruptly closes rented premises in which Dr. Kayumba Christopher operated personal businesses. The owner of the building is Kayumba’s cousin, while the manager is Kayumba’s young brother. RPD, the political platform Kayumba formed last month says he had no rent arrears.”

The Chronicles publication which tweeted the above message yesterday is one of Dr. Kayumba’s ‘personal businesses.’ Its motto is “serving your right to know the truth”.

Most likely Dr. Kayumba himself wrote the tweet. Surely, he cares enough and wants you to mark his words. His desire is that you indeed get to know the truth. Know the truth about those businesses: Rwandese Platform for Democracy, The Chronicles and MGC Consult, that they are ‘personal businesses.’ He likes to be so truthful in nature to the extent he would not want people to mistake his businesses for being owned by his family, especially when he alone is the family. To him it would not make sense.

That said, there is more to the tweet about Dr. Kayumba’s personal businesses than meets the eye. First, he wants the world to know what is happening to him. Little does he know that the world already knows a lot about him. Because he makes little effort to disguise himself as a good for nothing drunkard. And this drunkenness is what gets many Rwandans worrying about innocent citizens he might lure into joining his RPD as members.

Thank God for his cousin owner of Yyussa Plaza. His act was swift. To unconditionally evict Dr. Kayumba from the premises is reassuringly responsible. As a decision, to have been taken against a wrong doer relative, is a best selfless practice. It saves people, potential members of his political organization from falling victims of an immoral leader tomorrow.

How doing business in Rwanda has become so easy that even someone with Dr. Kayumba’s near insane behaviour is eligible! Are we desperately looking for options, for the sake of options? Would we not be better served as Rwanda if it were made categorically clear to all and sundry that not anybody, not a Christopher Kayumba, can wake up any day to mislead? Wouldn’t we be better off with an imprint in our minds that governance is a ‘don’t touch?’

Forming a political organization and be allowed to operate as well as recruit members should be made a no-go area for those without class. Someone who just over two years ago, on the morning of 02/10/2018, openly fought police when traffic cops apprehended him for drunk driving? This very person, men in uniform saw him staggering during Umuganda hours and were so concerned about his own life to the point of compelling him to sit down. Because he would not, they concluded he could not lead himself safely home in the drunken state he was in. So, they took him up into their own custody as a result.

A series of dangerously incoherent actions in violation of the law thereafter is what led to him being convicted and sentenced to serve a one-year term in prison. Dr. Kayumba has been out since December last year. But it seems the reformatory phase only aggravated his condition. He was addicted to alcohol then and he still is up today. He who was not able to lead himself safely home that Saturday morning, in the same state of drunkenness he remains. Problem is that he is now bolder. He who took on the police force, now thinks he can take on Rwanda. It is a normal progression to highness by drunkards. The more they consume, the mightier they feel. Now he wants to lead people to a political destiny. What a joke!

As it turns out, his cousin cannot stand by and watch one of the scariest political fooleries unfold inside his premises. His conscious has strongly disagreed and urged him to act swiftly.

My instincts tell me the state too must be following developments. Time is going to come when his RPD will seek to be registered as a political organization in accordance with the law. Rwanda Governance Board is the statutory organ Dr. Kayumba will go to for that service. I have a feeling a wife beater-cum-accused rapist and drunkard stands no chance of being given the go ahead to engage legally in the business of people management. That type of business should be reserved for the morally upright and sober. Still, I would find an absurdity here. That he would even be allowed by society to get to a point of applying for legal status.

You now can see the spirit in which action by his landlord at Yyussa Plaza was taken and the perspective from which it should be viewed. That Rwandans know enough about the effects of failure to act where we should have. The phrase NEVER AGAIN needs to be applied cross-cuttingly. For our purposes here, Never Again should seeds of political bankruptcy and selfish greed for power be sown in the minds of masses, be allowed to germinate and grow.

Come on Rwanda. We got to 27 by putting wrong people in their places. Rwandans have now gotten used to not playing with their jewels. And to them governance is one of the jewels. There should not be comedy and drugs in politics. Not after surviving in 1994 that catastrophic climax of the effects of bad leadership. Especially when we have moved on well, for the last 27 years, being served with exquisite nobility, thanks to RPF and President Paul Kagame.

Moved on Rwanda has indeed. Yet there are those who have stunted after choosing to barricade their minds. So provocative this Dr. Kayumba has been you really wonder whether he is made of blood and flesh! He has been all over in the media making all kinds of denials that he never attempts to rape women. Two have already come out to accuse him.

May be he has genuinely forgotten, since there are many weird things he does only under the influence of alcohol. Or he is knowingly denying the offences. Which would put him in the category of other deniers and eligible to be told that: “For those deniers, if they have no shame, why should I have fear?” These words were spoken by President Paul Kagame at Kwibuka 27.

Someone please, remind Dr. Kayumba that his cousin who closed doors on him at Yyussa Plaza is Rwandan. If the drunkard-cum-accused rapist has no shame of openly calling people to follow him at RPD to be misled, why should the landlord fear throwing him out. His nakedly high levels of undisguised irresponsibility and immorality need to be spread out in the open to dry as everybody sees. Innocent people will otherwise not fear to join him if they remain ignorant of his bad habits and crude games. Allowing him to continue hiding inside a decently looking building like Yyussa Plaza would not expose his venality.

Now he will begin to understand how sinister motives can backfire sooner or later. These outcasts who the President is rallying the nation not to fear deny the Genocide against the Tutsi. They do so by alleging duplicity of Genocide. Dr. Kayumba, who denies rape, gender violence and drunkenness does not realize that an aggregate of sins of denial breeds self-destruction. Because offenders never admit or even know their wrong, it so follows that they never make good attempt to reform. The result is death in their own film. For the wages of sin is death. Surely the political opposition Rwanda needs is quite different from what this coalition of deniers sponsored from Europe and America promise to offer.

But here is the question we ask: what makes people out there so naïve and evil minded? Does their hatred for us up to now run that deep to the point where it blinds their conscious? And what did Rwanda do to deserve all this? See, these so-called developed people masquerade as champions of gender balance and equality. At the same time, they with the same souls, continue to fund the political ambitions of one of the most pronounced violators of gender equality principles.

From which part of these development partners’ spirits does faith in Dr. Kayumba come? A divorcee who leaves the care of his children entirely in the hands of his ex-wife, whom he used to beat regularly, including the care of his own first born who is not a biological daughter to this kind mother, is too irresponsible and immoral to be entrusted with people affairs. Rwanda has in the past had its fair share of garbage leadership. Not anymore.

In 2018, Dr. Kayumba openly fought traffic police officers who apprehended him for drunk driving. He confronted officers appearing in their uniforms until he requested them to present service cards.

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