Demand for negativity against an efficient Rwanda government weighing heavily on Himbara

By Kabagambe Rwiyemaho Ignatius
On 2 August 2021 at 08:24

David Himbara is back writing malicious stories about his former employer. This time he picked quite a lame topic, highlighting that the Chairman of Rwanda Patriotic Front Mr. Paul Kagame, also doubles as President of Republic, to insinuate that it smacks of bad governance. Also somehow this to him is news, never mind that President Kagame has held the two leadership positions for over 20 years now, and throughout these two decades, Rwanda has only been on the rise, literally.

Mr. Paul Kagame was elected RPF Chairman in March 1998 and Rwanda President in April 2000. All that time, and yet because the forgotten man must find anything to one, smear the image of a statesman of impeachable standards he is paid to tarnish, and two, at least keep himself remotely in the limelight as the poor soul continues to struggle against obsolescence, that was all he got say. Surely if this age-old situation can still be news Himbara, then nobody will be surprised if tomorrow morning he announces to the world that in addition to the double role, President Kagame also holds a third one of Commander-In -Chief Rwanda Defence Forces, calling it scandalous!

The morning he wrote that, he had woken up after a night of smoking you know what. Then he conveniently remembered that being Chairman of the ruling party and President of the country can be depicted to a not so discerning audience as dictatorial. And you could tell Himbara had forgotten he lives in Canada, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been leader of the ruling Liberal Party since April 2014 and head of state since 2015. Does he hold a similar view about the Prime Minister?

Himbara’s job after he was relieved of his duties in Urugwiro has been to try and make his former boss look bad. We do not know how much he is paid for it, and to be honest no one really cares, save for the fact that lately he has turned comical. Sources close to him have intimated that he is behaving like a clown now because demands on him to regularly deliver negativity about the efficient Kigali administration are taking their toll on him. To someone not very sophisticated like Himbara, it is proving to be a big ask according to reliable sources.

Consider how funny he sounded by whining that Crystal Ventures Limited belongs to RPF and is worth US$ 500m. You wonder what he wants us to do about it when two outstanding Rwandan institutions are legally engaged in mutual business transactions that are significantly contributing to national transformation! That CVL borrows for investment from Rwanda Social Security Fund, and is an accusation. He has absolutely nothing either against the terms of lending or the performance of the loans. But since he must say something against the President or RPF or both, in the absence of relevant stuff, Himbara grabs anything immaterial.

A popular Rwandan artiste Danny Vumbi sang ‘NI UMUSINZI ARIKO NI UWACU’ (the drunkard is our own). ‘YARABOREWE ARIKO NI UWACU’ (zonked out but remains one of us). Someone please send this song to Himbara with the message Rwanda has not given up on him and his ilk. Ndayibatuye.

Himbara’s job after he was relieved of his duties in Urugwiro has been to try and make his former boss look bad.

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