Uncovering misconstrual and objectification surrounding mini skirts and mini-shorts

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 27 September 2022 at 02:31

Valuing a person only as a sexual object is a deed that is usually brought up by feminists who argue that, even today, women are still only valued sexually. Nonetheless this has been a shared issue for both men and women.

A woman in a mini skirt is associated with casual sexual intercourse and is viewed as less mentally capable with less moral status caused of negative stereotypes of a promiscuous woman.

Research shows that humans have two distinct types of mind; an ‘emotional and passionate mind’ and a ‘thinking and reasoning mind’. It is further explained that the switch between the two mental capacities is only a view of the skin.

Women are seen as sexual objects when wearing short outfits; short skirts or short dresses, crop tops, low-cut dresses or tops because people’s attention gets drawn to the uncovered parts and the curiosity to know about the rest that is covered grows.

People can argue that if women could wear more clothes to cover up and maybe that is what would stop them from being seen as only sexual objects. However, even a girl covered from her head to her toes can be sexually visualized because people are curious to know what is under her the layers of clothes.

“I was simply walking home from school. Coming towards, was a group of construction workers who were laughing loudly while talking to each other. When one of them saw me, he called the others and they all turned to me.

I felt like a thousand needles were piercing me because I did not know how this plays out. Whenever I tell this story, people assume I was dressed provocatively and I try to explain that I was in jeans and a sweater,” narrates a girl who spoke to us on condition of anonymity.

The only differences between man and woman objectification seem to be the end result. First, a woman is aware that she is typically seen in a sexual manner which will cause her to behave or even dress in a certain way. Secondly, the chances of this act leading to sexual or verbal abuse are higher when it comes to women since most of them will typically not do anything no matter how much they objectify men.

A woman can be catcalled by various people whereas a man will rarely receive the same treatment, no matter how handsome or seductive he is.

“I walked as far as I could from them but it was a thin road. I felt a hand graze my thigh, I turned around and the man who did that, winked at me and walked away,” reveals the lady.

A view of an individual’s skin can wake another’s emotional and passionate mind and this can lead to verbal or non-verbal behavior. Even though, this objectification is said to be done by men, women also tend to do the same.

Most women won’t admit to objectifying men since it has been made hard to convince not only women but also men that it is possible for them to be seen as sexual objects.

In the earlier days, a man’s role was to protect and provide for his family. In this case, a man’s body was seen as a “weapon for defense”. Currently, this weapon has been promoted and idolized as an example of this. Take time to watch the various male actors used in advertisements or movie. There are a few things that they have in common. He is commonly presented as this man with perfect hair, perfect smile, six-pack abs, six-feet tall who dresses in tight shirts or has his chest hanging out and is strong and courageous.

This act of objectifying keeps growing from descriptions such as the one I just made, the detailed description of a person in account to only his physique devalues his worth as an individual with feelings and thoughts.

Jack, a 16-year-old high-school boy, says he has been experiencing the issue where he felt frustrated to walk with girls whispering about boy’s physical appearance.

“I now have anxiety walking by a group of girls. They will be laughing and pinching each other, whispering about every boy who passes by,” he recounts.

On this account, we inquired into such whispers making ladies laugh. Luckily, a few ladies were open to answer. They said that they are occasionally looking at the physique of the men including their biceps, shoulders, and sometimes the way they smell or how fitted their clothes are.

We have heard different stories from women who have experienced such treatment, however, stories of men getting the same treatment are fewer which leads to assumptions that they are safer.

Humans are visual creatures. That has become an excuse for a lot of people to say, do and act as they please.

The issue of mini skirts , mini-shorts has been triggering mixed reactions.