A trip to my movie life: How K-dramas changed me

By Umurungi Gisele
On 30 December 2023 at 06:10

When I was in high school, my hobby was reading novels. I could easily finish a novel in two days and the genres ranged from romance and melodrama to fantasies and horror. I really thought novels were my ride or die until a new thing caught my attention. Korean movies!

It was on Saturday, holding my big sister’s smartphone on which I was watching YouTube shots. Just as I was recklessly sliding, I saw a caption that read like ‘a funny scene from Suspicious Partner’. Just as the movie name convinced me enough, I found myself watching it. Since then, I have been not just a fan but a lover of Korean movies.

Do you think it is just the drama that I fell head over heels for? Hot romantic scenes? Funny acting? No. Those are just a bonus. There are a lot of life lessons disguised in funny-like acting of Korean dramas, and those are what created my sweet addiction

Even though you’re most likely to encounter a lead who is almost non-human in Korean dramas, there are more to the fantasies, supernaturalism and unrealism that are depicted. If you’re ready, I will just give you a sip on hundreds of lessons I learned through this hobby:

Things aren’t always what they seem. In a movie called ’Suspicious Partner’ where a girl was accused of killing her ex-boyfriend, the evidence, past, present and almost everything pointed at her. Everyone accused, hated and insulted her even when she knew she never did it. She would neither get a job nor a friend.

If it wasn’t for a person who decided to dig and reveal the truth, the girl would have really rotted in jail. Not always about crimes or justice things, sometimes we are forced to believe things just as they seem to be. This is why it is always easy for con artists to scam us.

There is also this movie where young entrepreneurs strive to turn their dream into reality, it is called ‘start up’. Though this might sound like a motivational joke to you, the most dangerous barrier between us and our success is our ‘mindset’ as the movie teaches. In this world where people suffer due to poverty and whatever, everything is most likely to fail if you don’t have a diligent mind.

Everyone has their own uniqueness, and that can be used for their success, be it financial, relationship or anything. I have learned it from most of the second leads of K-dramas. Sometimes all we do is waste our time envying others and dreaming of what they have instead of recognizing and making use of our own abilities. Everyone has got drawbacks but strengths are there too. Embracing that, countless opportunities await us.

Most importantly, I have learned that as long as I am being truthful and doing my best, all I have to do is give it time. Just like the saying ‘the truth will prevail’, K-dramas has taught me to believe in positivity that loyalty bears.

On top of that, Korean movies have taught me a lot about science, history and relationships. You can’t believe that I first heard of phobias through them. Sometimes I could even sit in an exam and answer a certain question according to what I got from them.

Whether you’re at the edge of giving up, feeling down or chasing knowledge, if you’re a movie lover, I hope you learn to choose ones that can help with your certain situations. And like that I hope you get all incredible lessons and try to execute what you learned.