PSD submits parliamentary candidacies

By Esther Muhozi
On 21 May 2024 at 11:48

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has submitted its list of candidates for the parliamentary elections to the Electoral Commission, featuring 66 representatives.

The list was presented by PSD’s Secretary General, Dr. Jean Chysostome Ngabitsinze, who highlighted that among the party’s representatives, there are 29 women. He expressed confidence that they would once again earn the trust of the electorate and represent the citizens.

Dr. Ngabitsinze also stated that for the presidential position, the party has chosen to support President Kagame, believing him to be the right leader for Rwanda.

He assured, "We guarantee the Rwandan people that PSD has always advocated for well-being, justice, mutual assistance, and development accessible to all. This agenda continues as the main challenge has been to ensure that all Rwandans can live and prosper freely, and we have been making progress in this."

Dr. Ngabitsinze noted that PSD has consistently participated in the parliamentary elections since the Genocide against the Tutsi, and the Rwandan people have continued to trust them.

He said, "PSD has never missed an election since the Genocide against the Tutsi, indicating that Rwandans expect us to continually strive for the country’s good policies and strongly support our presidential candidate, Paul Kagame, as he is the right choice for Rwanda."

PSD is unfazed by the increasing number of independent candidates in the parliamentary race and believes that their representation in the Parliament will not diminish.

He stated, "We are not worried. Fortunately, in Rwanda, we see many qualifying and aspiring to uplift the country. Regardless of the outcome, our country shares leadership and positions, so any additional Rwandan candidate does not intimidate us."

"We are campaigning to increase our seats, not to ease the competition for anyone else, to secure more seats than we currently have as PSD. However, we acknowledge that everyone has full rights, and we will compete in democracy and peace as usual, respecting whoever wins," he continued.

Dr. Ngabitsinze also emphasized PSD’s desire to increase the number of MPs from 80 to 120 to ensure proper representation of Rwandans.

He explained, "During our congress, we based our discussion on the progress of Rwandans, their historical numbers, and the ratio of citizens per representative. We see that increasing the number from 80 to 120 would mean better representation for Rwandans, from our point of view as PSD."

Addressing concerns that this proposal is politically motivated to secure more positions in Parliament, he clarified, "It’s not about seeking political positions, as some have suggested, but rather about ensuring that a citizen can more easily reach their representative to convey their various problems, wishes, and plans at the national level."

Regarding the financial feasibility of this proposal, Dr. Ngabitsinze indicated that it would not destabilize the country’s economy and that the actual concern would be the contributions from the increased number of members.

Dr. Ngabitsinze concluded by expressing confidence in the potential contributions of all 66 candidates, hoping they would outperform their competitors if elected.