Being patient with what life throws at you

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 31 December 2022 at 12:53

It is not an easy lesson to learn but patience is a major part of growing up especially if you are aiming to grow into a responsible adult.

Life does not give you a map or request for your permission before it happens. You make a plan all in the name of hope but even with hard work and connections, life will find a way to remind you that like my aunt likes to say, "this is not your father’s house."

Think of it as that time where you are trying to find that t-shirt that you had planned to wear and even knowing where it is, you somehow can’t find it.

Time for a choice, do you start throwing clothes around to find it or do you simply pick another t-shirt?

It can be as hard as having your graduation delayed or watching the age you thought you’d get married at pass by.

Learning to be okay with this and continue to work for what you want even when it is delayed or not working out immediately is what complicates adulthood.

One of the things that influenced me to cultivate patience, is the realization that my tantrums that would were forgiven when I was a child, but cannot be overlooked now as an adult.

Realization that currently a lot of people are reading self-help books, listening to podcasts and tuning in to anything that influences their growth and this is a positive thing but it also makes people less tolerating behaviour that comes as a result of impatience.

Being controlling and having a short fuse will not be excused. A person with little or no patience will see interjecting as a time saver not impoliteness. All this is not acceptable because everyone is expected to be working on themselves.

This will cause a strain in your relationships, even loss of those relationships that you might have considered to be important because you seem to choose time over your loved ones or because they are overwhelmed with the standard you hold them at.

There are many reasons why impatience is a bad trait. It does however deserve credit at least for some things.

People wait for no one to do their tasks for them, and when they put their mind to something, they do not rest until it is complete and they most of the time succeed.

Growing up includes relationships, school, friendship and work, all which require you to have patience.

We all look for patience in partners. So, it is time that we learn to be patient ourselves.

If you are too impatient, it could build up anxiety. It would be best to reach out to a therapist to talk about it and become a better version of yourself.