Beyond coffee dates: Raise her heartbeat with more than romance

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 13 December 2022 at 10:04

We all know that person who just can’t sit for long, and instead their relaxation includes movement, nature, outdoors and even indoor activities.

There are different reasons why your partner does not pay attention when they sit down but look more attentive and present when they are out and about.

Perhaps you want to lead an active lifestyle, and you want to incorporate that in your dates but you find yourself thinking of only gyms and walks.

There are a lot more different activities that will keep the blood flowing, your heart beating and I mean beat for more than your partner.


What better way is there to know someone than when they are sweating, panting for air, and gulping water?

A date idea that will have you feeling a lot more than butterflies.

Hiking offers psychological benefits, making a person feel relaxed and enhances their well-being.

Hiking will allow a couple to explore, make memories without distractions, play around and chase each other and stay in the moment.

This is an activity that will shine a light on each of your strengths and weaknesses.

Some will fall and not get up while others will allow themselves a short break and get up again.

A couple will need to check on each other and pull one another when left behind and develop patience for each other.

Subtracting the stress of planning a date or even getting ready for a date, this activity only requires a little research to find a good location that is safe, and in this case, the perfect outfit happens to be your most comfortable clothes and comfortable sneakers.

Hiking is not for couples of a certain age, as long we know our limits, and push ourselves overboard.

You can plan and pack for a nice little romantic picnic after the hike.

This can become a good habit that could be passed down to young children.

With this activity, pay attention to how you speak to your partner and vice versa because we deal with exhaustion in different ways. However, that does not excuse someone being harsh to another or trying to push you beyond your limits just to prove yourself.

On a hike, you will meet different people, how you introduce your partner is something to take into account.

Plus making sure that when you meet new people you don’t ignore your partner.


This date idea can also be as simple as hiring a professional photographer and finding a location that will be suitable for your photos.

This can be a relaxing activity, a great time to show off your creative side to each other or develop a new skill together.

A great time to play around and try different poses with your date, it is better to get a photographer with a visual eye.

Give your photos a theme, it can be an era, a holiday or of people you admire.

Taking pictures can create one of the most exciting and creative dates, there is an alternative way to plan for this day.

You can rent a camera if you don’t already own one, and go outside and capture the moments in pictures.

This can work during the day or even at night which might be a bit more tricky but would still be an option depending on the equipment and skills.

Paint and Sip

This has quickly become a popular activity, all over social media there are various places hosting these activities.

Free your inner child and allow yourself to let loose and get a little dirty with the paint.

From your paintings you can learn a lot from them if you pay attention, is their painting dark or light?

Painting allows a person to scream out who they are without the use of their words.

This allows a person to deal with their feelings by giving them a physical shape, removing the anguish involved when keeping feelings hidden.

Art therapy is one of the activities prescribed by psychologists for patients who suffered psychological trauma, since it allows an individual to express their emotions in a non-threatening environment.

You can paint while taking a sip of a nice glass of wine, a soft drink of your choice or whatever you feel will quench your thirst.

Cheers to your inner child being acknowledged and getting to know more about date.

Horseback Riding

A nature and animal lover will love this adventure and will appreciate that you had them in mind when you were planning this date.

Plus there is nothing that shows how much someone cares than seeing the amount of planning they put in to make a date memorable.

Not only is this a fun idea, but it also counts as moderately intense exercise which is good for you physically and emotionally.

It will have your core muscles including your abs, back, pelvis and thighs working.

Unless your date is allergic, doesn’t like horses or simply scared of horses, horseback riding is a perfect date.

Better than sitting in a coffee shop and being awkward perhaps because this is your first date and you don’t know what to talk about.

A perfect date will include a good laugh, your partners hearing you, and this is exactly the experience you get when horseback riding.

Sharing a laugh and having your partner hear you while learning how to horseback ride or when you are trails looking at the surroundings and nature around you with no distractions.

This is an activity that will produce happy hormones, elevated mood and more energy.

You can plan for a picnic after the ride, and have time to have deeper conversations or just laugh about the experience.

With horseback riding, your body will release hormones that will help make your body an unforgettable experience.

And even if the relationship doesn’t work and you end the date as only friends at least you tried something new and your date will remember you as a thoughtful person.

Quad bike ride

If you are looking for more adrenaline, try these huge tires and race with your date.

Get way too close with nature especially because dirt, mud and other objects might reach your face.

Activities in the gym might seem a little too hard to do, but with doing things such as quad biking, people will feel a lot more motivated better than if they were jogging or doing normal exercises.

It will still improve blood circulation, help in controlling obesity, and enhance insulin sensitivity and maintain muscle mass and prevent a lot of other health risk factors.

This is a date idea you can try with a Rwandan resident or a foreign especially because it will allow you to explore different places in style.

No stress, this is the perfect date to connect with nature whether in water, dirt, mud and live that over the edge lifestyle.

A comfortable outfit, some protective gear depending on the area and a permit if you are in Rwanda.