BK Insurance comes to the aid of farmers affected by disaster

By Esther Muhozi
On 31 May 2024 at 01:04

BK Insurance has come to the aid of potato farmers in Burera who suffered losses due to natural disasters. Represented by the Cooperative COVMB, these farmers will now receive seeds and immediate insurance coverage.

The assisted cooperative, Covmb from Burera District, faced significant losses due to heavy rains followed by intense sunshine, which led to substantial crop damage. Since the farmers had insurance coverage with BK Insurance, they were compensated with over RWF 17 million.

The president of Covemb Cooperative, Théobald Ndacyayisenga, stated that after losing potato crops spanning 195 hectares, they were initially hopeless but were later encouraged by the insurance they had taken.

He said, "Insuring agriculture is a solution because when you face unexpected losses, you get compensated. Another benefit is that whatever little that is salvaged from the farm still belongs to us. We are no longer in losses because we were assisted.”

Jean de Dieu Niyonzima, a potato farmer from Musanze District, added, "I joined the insurance program with BK Insurance, and when heavy rains destroyed my potatoes, they compensated me.”

Appollinaire Karegeya, the director of SPF, which will work with the farmers, mentioned that the initiative to support potato farming through insurance is a solution for those in this sector, urging them to take advantage of this profitable profession.

He said, “This insurance for potato seeds, sponsored by BK Insurance, comes at the right time. Previously, farmers would face disasters and lose their crops without any recourse, but now seeds bought here must be insured without any issues.”

Alexis Bahizi, the CEO of BK Insurance, said they chose to partner with SPF because they provide quality and reliable potato seeds to farmers.

He explained, “SPF ensures quality seeds, and we decided to collaborate with them so that every seed purchased by a farmer is insured. This will speed up adoption and ensure a smooth process, as the seeds are of high quality and reliable. If a disaster strikes, the farmer is insured and compensated, avoiding total loss.”

The Musanze District administration indicated that it would increase awareness among potato farmers to encourage them to get insurance, as it promotes both individual prosperity and national development.

Dr. Olivier Kamana, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, urged potato farmers to seek quality seeds and insure their crops.

He said, “We urge farmers to use reliable, certified seeds that have been researched. We are launching a system where farmers can pre-order seeds, and seed producers can know the types and quantities needed for cultivation.”