Did our childhood shows, cartoons and movies change us?

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 31 December 2022 at 01:36

No better time to write this than in this holiday season, a festive season. Depending on a person’s background; environment, the movies, songs that were available when growing up, influence the way a person sees life, relationships and this festive season.

The excitement I have every time it is December, the anticipation of Christmas, even before all this, I am my happiest every thanksgiving.

I have long realized that it has a relation with the Christmas movies I would watch as a child, the romance, the atmosphere, the family gatherings, the Christmas mornings with everyone around the tree being happy in the moment.

This is of course from a person who grew up in the early 2000s with everything being romanticized, broke but romantic, I accepted a few things as reality.

A lot of Barbie stories, Ken and a lot of prince charming, a lot of stories on how the guy would come to the rescue.

It was until later on that I was introduced to movies with storylines that let the girl be her own hero.

From my movie, cartoon and music, I have life expectations that are based on these which in hindsight are not exactly good.

All the romance, the dam in distress, reuniting with your lost family that comes and saves you from the family you are with because they ’mistreat’ you, and more like these had an effect on how I see life sometimes and it took me a while until I realized that I was looking at my life in this way.

No matter how perfect my parents were, anytime we would disagree or I
would feel mistreated, my go-to solution was to run-away or hope for my ’long lost’ family to find me and take me away.

This at the moment seems ridiculous but 7 years of watching runaways being the solution, it was very acceptable in my mind to think of this.

Growing up with all the male heroes having to be taller than the girl, why is it any surprise that women still fantasize about a guy who is taller?

Why would it be a shock that a young girl who is taller than most would feel bad about her height if she is the same height or taller than the guy she likes?

If an actor in a movie is placed on higher grounds so he can be taller than the actress, why are we still blaming girls for choosing height over most attributes?

It is unfortunate that because of these scenes that have played in our heads for so long, we forget to live in the moment, experience the already formed relationships, appreciate the people and the different circumstances that help one grow.

Back then, most movies revolved around children running away from their parents because they mistreated them and found better people along the way that allowed them to be themselves.

However, now most movies seemingly revolve around a world of children explaining their issues with their parents and parents asking for forgiveness, which in theory seems a lot easier than in real life unless it is sarcastic but at least we can dream and act it out.