How to start saying no to work overload

By Leana Bisa
On 13 July 2022 at 03:02

Sometimes, depending on the nature of work, you may be given a lot more work to do consistently. You may find yourself working too much and many more hours because you are never able to say no.

There are people who are constantly people pleasers, they always want to please other people every time which is why they are never able to say no even where necessary.

Those kinds of people in a work environment are the ones to always be given more things to do, and if it does not get done, they are always blamed for it. If you are wondering how to say no to work overload, here are some tips.

Take the time to understand what you will have to do

Sometimes your employer or co-worker may come and tell you that they need your help with something. You should first take time to understand what the work involves before you immediately say yes.

When you understand fully what the work will require, you may then be able to see if you will be able to do it in a timely manner depending on what you are currently working on.

You should not immediately refuse, but rather take the time to first understand the job before you say yes immediately.

Communicate why you feel you cannot do the job

In the event that the work needs to be done urgently, it is best to immediately state why you feel you won’t be able to deliver than saying no without reason. Don’t just say no to say no.

There can be plenty of reasons. For example, you may say you have other things pending or that you are already working on something urgent. It is best to be honest and integral.

Demonstrate other alternatives

When the reason you can not say yes has been established, you should also suggest other alternatives. It would be a nice way to show you care about the work. You could say you will be available at a certain time or that you can help find someone else for the job who would be able to do it and do it on time.

You can also suggest doing part of the work, like that you will not have all the responsibilities on your head.

Do not be disrespectful or too nice

Saying no is often very hard when it comes to your supervisor or your boss, but it becomes easier when you do it in the right way.

When you are asked to do something you do not have to be rude or too nice. Being too rude creates conflicts and being too nice may leave room to finally say yes.

So, what can you do? Be straightforward respectfully. You can say no, give your reasons and end the conversation there.