Impact of social media: A New Generation

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 23 December 2022 at 12:34

A young man of 20-years-old at the beginning of his career getting a chance to work with big stars such as Ric Hassan and Koredo Bello all through social media platforms but still facing the ups and downs that come with social media.

Ivan Nkusi also known as Yivani started using social media in 2016 for the same reasons everyone else was; posting pictures, interacting with friends and simply scrolling through the explore page.

Until 2019 when he decided to get serious about his artistry and started posting and sharing his music on his socials, and started getting feedback from people all around the world.

"I was getting texts from people in Ghana, Nigeria and Tahiti who loved my music," said Nkusi.

As he explained, this made him see social media in a positive light, particularly when it came to his music because it had given him exposure.

He continues to say that through social media, he would get booked to do gigs.

"Social media has ups and downs, one day your post gets a lot of likes and people are sharing it all over and other days you feel invisible. This rollercoaster ended in me deleting my accounts and now I’m starting from scratch," said Nkusi.

Social media have become a tool for different people in different careers to reach a wide range of people from all over the world allowing them to develop and grow as people and professionals.

People’s influence on others earns them success, money and fame but once the likes and followers stop, their social media world slowly crumbles.

On different social media platforms, people, particularly young people are building their profiles and careers and earning money.

Rising artistes are releasing their work on different platforms and making it big, doctors are sharing their expertise.

The birth of dating apps connecting people from all over the world for romantic relationships, online dating and long distance relationships were made possible.

Young girls and boys are getting paid for creating content and advertising for different brands.

But like what happened to Nkusi, it is possible that as you watch your success hit its peak, you can also watch it drop and hit the ground hard.

It is not easy to see what you built for so long get destroyed so easily but this is the con of social media.

Today, you are the talk of the town, tomorrow you are only yesterday’s news. There is a pressure to create something new, to be the first at something not the best but the very first.

Depression for not getting enough likes, stressing over the verified tick on your social media, allowing yourself to only be validated by people who most likely don’t know you or even care for you.

The pressure to stay in character once the camera starts rolling or live a life that they cannot afford. Children are now being raised on social platforms and being exposed to different situations before they are mature.

A lot of people have forgotten how to make emotional connections, emojis have been made a new language, people are openly hurtful to each other.

Yes, social media is a good weapon but the knife is also dangerous depending on where it is facing.

A person on the other end of a screen going through their comments and gaining body issues and another who is getting body positivity messages will see social media differently.

Having a space to freely advocate for changes we wish to see in our environment, starting with our planet on climate change and teaching or learning about different things in the world from the comfort of your couch at home, is what social media should be about.