The secret to engaging and preparing young people for the future

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 16 December 2022 at 11:26

Every parent hopes to see their child become successful and with how fast the world is moving, it is becoming more and more clear that the sooner a child starts the better.

Success is not exactly something that can be inherited, no matter how much a parent or guardian tries, without the skills and hard work of a child it will all be for nothing.

The sooner you teach your child how to work, find a hobby beyond watching television, the more chances you provide for them to find their way in the world.

Languages, playing musical instruments, IT or graphic design based skills and more like these are things that can get a young person clean money.

These are skills that most times do not require a degree, just a level of professionalism and creativity.

The more languages a person knows the more opportunities they are offered on the job market from a writer, a translator, a hospitality manager, a teacher, flight attendant, to a customer service representative and more.

Typically a child under 12-years of age is able to unconsciously grasp a language, from simply having it used frequently around him or her.

Children will mirror what they see and hear in their environment, even as adults a person who is being exposed to a new language without the aim of learning it being the underlying rule that governs it will have a head start.

Spending time around people who speak a totally different language than you, will be beneficial in your journey to learn a new language.

Teaching a child musical instruments is another great idea, music is one of the most beautiful things, it is something that will not cease to exist.

As a person with absolutely no rhythm, learning how to play a music instrument would have probably been beneficial.

Teaching a child to play a musical instrument enables them to learn about sounds, rhythm, melody, pitch, beat, while also stimulating the brain cells, and giving them an outlet for their creativity and their emotions.

This is something that can be taught to a child from the age of 3 to the age 7, making it as fun as possible, while having them understand the basics and fundamentals of music at an early age.

Being able to play one or multiple musical instruments will have a young person making more money than most graduates.

Being a typical student from Monday to Friday, and a musician by week-end in weddings, concerts and even church.

From this, a child can develop a love for music and grow up to become singer, a composer, a music teacher or even as far becoming a musical therapist, a person who uses music within therapeutic environment to help individuals of all ages who are experiencing emotional or mental health problems, or who have learning or physical disabilities or physical illnesses.

Another easy to learn and available skill for young children is IT and graphic design.

As an individual who had the pleasure of being taught computer skills by my own father at a young age, I know the advantage one can have over others either in class and in the workplace.

I was so interested in how my father was so invested in computers, trying to teach me how to type quicker, use Microsoft and general basic information about computers, that I started to spend hours on the computer learning other applications and software.

Before I was out of high school, I was getting paid because I had taught
myself to use Adobe software and making business cards, invitation cards and other editing videos.

I was not the only one in the family who was inspired to explore more of what the IT world offers, my oldest sister went into software engineering, the other is in university learning to become a web developer.

This goes to show the importance of sharing your skills with your children, especially at an early age because they will explore and if they decide to stick with what you showed them they will already have a head start.

Our mother from a very tender age taught us the value of learning different languages, knowing that we were not going to the schools that would teach us languages adequately. She made it her mission to get us to exercise with her.

Having been a teacher at some point in her life, she knew the best way to teach us, she concentrated on getting to sound out our words, the accents we were using, reading and writing as a professional.

She did not allow the ’i didn’t’ it was always ’i did not’, which later in life turned out to be useful.

She believed that a person learning a language should immerse completely in the language, so depending on the language she was teaching in that period, our television shows, music and books would be based on that.

We were given the right to choose whatever careers we wanted, and some of my siblings did choose careers aside from things that are computer related. One of my sisters is currently learning psychology.

It is good and it can be fun to share your interests with your children. You never know just how important you can inspire them while making them young professionals.

The sooner you teach your child how to work, find a hobby beyond watching television, the more chances you provide for them to find their way in the world.