Tips to get rid of technology addiction

By Leana Bisa
On 27 July 2022 at 02:49

In this modern era, most of the things we do are driven by technology. We work with our phones, hang out with our phones. We rely on them to wake us up and in my case to even remind me it is my bedtime.

We rely on technology to remind us of our tasks, to be entertained and function. We also spend most of our time scrolling through Instagram or TikTok, spend hours watching internet drama and people fighting on Twitter.

We have been technologically reliant on everything that even our own mobile devices have to tell us they need to cool down. I once left my house without my phone and I could not go back to get it. To tell you the truth, I did not work that day.

I would find myself wondering how many Instagram posts I missed and how many chat group tea I could not read, my fingers would feel useless. All I wanted to do was type. All I wanted was to scroll through Instagram reels and laugh at all the drama that was going on on Twitter.

It was at that moment that I realized I was too dependent on technology. It was a typical Wednesday and all I could find myself thinking was to go home and be with my phone. I know it is ridiculous but it is how most of us are living now.

When I later returned to my phone at home, it was just like I left it, except for a few missed calls and some messages here and there. It was like my life had continued like normal, I decided that day to limit my dependence on technology.

Every Monday morning, my phone tells me how much screen time I have used. It used to be in the 10 hours and now it is in the five hours of screen time. I can say I have made an improvement. It was not an easy thing because at that point in time my mind could only function in front of a screen.

How I made it

The first thing that I did was to set up hours in which I cannot use my phone. This is usually at night like 2 hours before I sleep. Of course, I do not always live by that rule but I try most of the time.

Another thing I did was to limit myself how much time I spend on social media. This was a hard one since I could spend hours on Instagram scrolling and scrolling but now I try to limit my scrolling. Also, I usually try not to be on my phone when I am around people or when I am outside.

The thing that really helped me is to monitor the hours I spend on my phone and the things I spend much time on, usually my phone told me it is Instagram which I still struggle with to this day.

But limiting my screen time really helped me in a lot of ways.

Being more present in the moment

The first thing I realized was that we were all too in our devices to appreciate the world around us and the moments we have. I could sit down and actually see that all my friends would go down on their phones instead of appreciating real life.

If we are enjoying our time, it all comes to taking great pictures and posting on Snapchat. People have lost the sense of what is great, which is being in the moment and appreciating life as it comes. To me, I think that is one of the reasons you should cut down on screen time.

Good sleep routine

One thing I can thank my phone for is that it actually helped me cut down screen time and also develop a good sleep routine.

It is not even cutting down on phone screen time but also on all your other devices, either laptop, television or tablets. It is a discipline and routine that might be beneficial for you in many other ways.

I have set it in my phone that for certain hours I cannot be taking certain calls or even see certain messages. Some apps like Instagram and Twitter are off limits during those hours. At first, it was difficult because I was not used to that but it actually became easier and more doable.

Since then, I sleep and feel well rested, my mind feels less tired and this all actually helps with productivity throughout the day.

It is good for mental health

This one might seem like it is obviously an advantage, but I feel it should not be taken lightly. We all know how technology can be stressful over time. The need to always check notifications and messages, the tendency to always be on social media and keeping up with all that is going on around can be stressful and bad for mental health.

But when you limit your exposure to technology, it can help you relax, help your brain and mind, be stress free and healthy. Trust me, this is coming from experience.

Overall, I do not think it is possible to cut down technology for good since it is all around us and we need it for our jobs and other things but it would be beneficial for you to cut down on some time that you spend exposed to it daily.