Understanding beyond the "I don’t take anything personally" expression

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 10 February 2023 at 09:31

It can be tough to understand what someone who says, "I don’t take anything personally" is feeling or needs. This is a more emotional version of ’I am fine’, or ’I am okay’ from someone suffering.

It might look like they do not care or are unbothered by anything around them. But often, this could very well be a coping mechanism for a loved one struggling.

They might be overwhelmed and feel like they cannot keep up with the demands of life but do not know how to be vulnerable or ask for help.

The phrase "I don’t take anything personally" is a way of distancing themselves from the world and from the people who are hurting them.

Our different upbringings are what differentiate us from one another. This phrase could have been a coping mechanism to survive their childhood, mostly if they were not allowed to be emotional as children.

It is also possible to use this coping mechanism to deal with disappointment and mistreatment after being hurt emotionally in relationships.

Even though it may seem like nothing is wrong on the outside, it is necessary to be there for an overwhelmed loved one and offer simple self-care tips.

These might include encouraging them to take regular breaks in the middle of the day or away from technology, scheduling relaxing activities, and outdoor activities to de-stress, or simply connecting with people who care about them.

They might need to talk about the situation or understand the root of their ’I don’t take anything personally’ attitude with a professional such as a therapist. This might be a beneficial route to take.

If you have the means, financial support could help your loved ones focus on taking care of themselves without worrying about how they will pay for counseling or therapy sessions, if not you can encourage them to find a free therapy session online.

Above all else, remember that showing compassion and kindness can make a world of difference in someone’s life. So, embrace the challenge and try your best to give your loved ones the support they need. They need you now more than ever!