What do women want?

By Jane Babirye
On 4 September 2023 at 10:17

Men have always been heard asking each other; ‘what women exactly want’? This question always comes after one ( a man) does what he thinks is ‘a lot’ for his woman, only for her to; walk out on him, reject him or cheat on him.

Recently, social media app ‘X’ was awash with rumours about a possible divorce between celebrated TV host Steve Harvey and wife, Majorie Harvey.

According to the rumour, Marjorie was filing for divorce from Harvey after cheating on him with their bodyguard and chef.

This left many wondering what women want, since Harvey is not only a ‘successful’ man, but one who is ‘responsible’; as he adopted 3 of Marjorie’s children from her previous relationship.

In a vox-pop with some ladies whose identity won’t be disclosed, the majority said there’s more to a relationship than just money.

“Money means nothing in a relationship. You can buy me anything, take me on dates but as long as you don’t give me attention, you cease to matter,” one stated.

“Happiness”, the other stated. Adding that people find happiness in different things and not just money.

Boring sex also made it to the list of reasons behind women cheating.

With reference to Marjorie, one claimed that; “ she got bored of his ‘dick game’ and wanted something fresh”.

“People get into marriage for the wrong reasons, especially us ladies. We may know that a man is ‘not good’, but have the notion that we can change them when we marry,” explained another.

Marriage and sex therapist Angela Skurtu named ‘money’ as the main reason women cheat. “The gap shifted when women went to work and had their own money and choices; with choice comes easier dissatisfaction,”she explained in an article by ‘BRIDES’.

A study published in ‘Trends in Psychology’ lists emotional dissatisfaction as another reason why women cheat. “The quest to fulfill basic needs such as the need for communication, empathy, respect, devotion, and support can lead to cheating in search for an emotional safe haven,” Mark Travers, Phd, American Psychologist.

Other studies named ‘low self esteem’, “whether this is a new development or something she’s always struggled with, she may feel unattractive or uninteresting to you, especially if the passion in your relationship has cooled. So if someone comes along and builds her up and is there for her, she’s likely to feel a stronger connection with them”, Barrie Davenport..

Revenge also made it to the list as Barrie Davenport states , “ maybe she wants revenge because you cheated on her, or because she sees you spending more time with someone else and suspects you of cheating.”

The list may go on and on as reasons vary with individuals, nevertheless, cheating can never be the solution and nothing justifies it.

It is advisable that loved ones communicate with each other as much as possible and solve whatever grievances there could be.

Men and women are inherently different in love. Net Photo