Who is a social worker?

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 7 December 2022 at 02:22

Growing up, we were taught about the same careers over and over again;
a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, a secretary, plumber, lawyer but now looking around, some of us realize that there are some careers that were skipped.

Careers such as social worker, and some other related fields were unheard of by some of us because they were unpopular, and honestly even now, there are a few people who do not know who a social worker is.

I discovered this career in the recent years, when I heard my friend say that she wanted it as a career and my confusion was clear but at least it made her laugh.

Gloria Aronah, a social worker who is currently working with young children as an educator, explained what she does and what her career entails.

A social worker is a professional and academic discipline for the pursuit of social change, social justice and social welfare.

With their qualification they can work in a school, a hospital, mental health centre, home health agencies, or nursing homes.

"It is unfortunate that people still think that a social worker only works in children organizations, or specific organizations," says Aronah.

This is a stereotype with the career of a social worker, because social workers can work in any setting as long as they are providing social change or social welfare.

Not a lot of people are well informed about the value of a social worker which puts a limit to job opportunities of social workers.

If hired by someone or institution that understands the value of the social worker, the pay is very good.

Sympathy, a drive for social change, valuing the importance of human relationships, and knowing the worth of a human being are some of the qualities that make a great social worker.

There are schools, and courses that help grow a professional social worker but we still need different institutions; prisons, schools, and other places to make a place for social workers to make space for them.