Karl Platt and Habimana Jean Eric win prologue of Rwandan Epic 2022

On 10 March 2022 at 10:30

German Karl Platt and Rwandan Habimana Jean Eric have won the first stage of Rwandan Epic 2022. It is the first edition of the tournament since it was upgraded to international level.

The race started on Thursday 10th March 2022 where riders set off at 9:15 .a.m. at Fazenda Sengha (Mont Kigali) for an Individual Time Trial covering 11.5 kilometers.
The finishing line was set at Fazenda Sengha.

Rwanda Epic is an annual tournament organized by Rwanda Alternative Riding Events (RAR Events).

The race attracted 27 riders from 13 teams while Seth HakiImana who participated individually due to the absence of his colleague, Didier Munyaneza, did not finish the race.

Karl Platt who won the first stage teamed up with Rwandan Jean Eric Habimana who had been crowned champion in 2020. The duo was the first to cross the finishing line clocking 29 minutes 34 seconds followed by Daniel Gathof and Renay Groustra who clocked 32 minutes and one second.

Souleyman Kangangi and Mael Desrieux took the third place in the category of men clocking 33 seconds and 26 seconds.

Samuel Mugisha and South African Mitch Elliot riding for ProTouch team took the 7th position while Eric Nduwayo and Yves Nkurinziza emerged the ninth.

Nshutiraguma Kevin and Ishimwe Jean Claude did not finish the race.

Catherine Colyn and Leone Verster won the race in the category of women clocking 46 minutes and 32 seconds while Jazilla Umwamikazi and Nirere Xaverine came second clocking 1 hour 8 minutes and 25 seconds.

In the mixed category, Daniel Klemmer and Jenniffer Wagouman arrived first using 1 hour and 45 seconds.

After winning the first stage, Karl Platt expressed delight for participating in the race and thanked his colleague Habimana Jean Eric for teamwork spirit.

“I am having wonderful moments here. I have been also excited to team up with Jean Eric. He is strong on hiking routes. I asked him to support each other in our respective capacities. We had not played together but we have made a great team today,” he said.

Habimana Jean Eric also attributed the victory to team work.

“I am very delighted that my team won the stage. Karl Platt is a legendary player with competencies exceeding mine. Before setting off, I told him my strength and weaknesses. I informed him that I am strong in climbing routes. He is also good at riding through routes slopping downwards. So, we combined these skills,” he said.

“I am optimistic that we will retain the yellow jersey despite the fierce competition of rivals,” Habimana added.

Simon De Schutter from the management of Rwanda Alternative Riding Events (RAR Events) which organizes Rwandan Epic, commended the participation and expressed optimism for the tournament to be successful.

“We are excited for this participation. We have held Individual Time Trial today and hope the race will be more successful throughout the remaining stages. We will set off from Kinigi for the second stage heading to places nearby Lake Burera and Ruhondo. It is a long route with stiff climbs but not challenging like today’s race,” he said.

The average speed for men is 23.3 km, 14.8 km for women and 11,35 km/h for riders in the mixed category.

Rwanda Epic 2022 is comprised of four stages. It will continue on Friday 11th March with the second stage dubbed ‘Twin Lakes stage’. Riders will begin the race from a starting line at Africa Rising Cycling Center (ARCC) in Musanze at 9:00 a.m. Riders will follow the track through roads located in the vicinity of Lake Burera and Ruhondo before crossing the finishing line at Ubworoherane Stadium in Musanze town.

First Stage Classification: Rwandan Epic 2022:


1. Karl Platt & Habimana Jean Eric: 29’34”

2. Daniel Gathof & Renay Groustra: 32’01”

3. Suleiman Kangangi & Mael Desrieux: 33’26”

4. Josh Ibbett & Ruberwa Jean: 34’55”

5. Marc Schut & Rhys Manners: 38’45”

6. Kwizera Elie & Uwitonze Edouard: 39’12”

7. Mugisha Samuel & Mitch Elliot: 40’50”

8. David Caroll & Niringiyimana Ramadhan: 43’08”

9. Nduwayo Eric & Nkurunziza Yves: 43’29”


1. Leone Verster & Catherine Colyn: 46’32”

2. Umwamikazi Jazilla & Nirere Xaverine: 1h08’25”

Mix category

1. Jennifer Wagouman & Daniel Klemmer: 1h00’45”