Inside Lake Kivu’s dazzling beauty

On 11 March 2021 at 05:43

Rwanda is a country of thousand hills with various cultural, historical and topographical vestiges making the country, a safe haven for tourism destination to consume in its beauty.

The dazzling islands located in Lake Kivu with appealing lifestyle, Flora, Fauna are part of attractive landmarks luring tourists for prolonged stay in Rwanda.

Kivu the largest lake in Rwanda with two parts one being in Rwanda and the rest in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

On Rwanda’s side, the lake touches four districts including Rubavu, Rusizi, Nyamasheke and Karongi where different facilities including beach resorts and hotels were set up in the lake’s surroundings for tourists to enjoy seamless sojourn.

The lake is also home to various islands with unique attracting features giving delight to touristic explorations.

To discover more about these islands, IGIHE has spoken to touristic travel company known as ‘Golden Rwanda Safaris Ltd’ to get a deeper insight into the beauty of these islands.

The attractive Flora and Fauna, Bird sighting and hiking are among other things fascinating visitors.

Most prominent islands in Lake Kivu

Nkombo Island

Nkombo is the largest island in Lake Kivu extended to 29.7 square kilometers of which 7 km2 are covered by water while the remaining 22,7 km2 land is inhabited.

Nkombo is one of sectors of Rusizi district.

With approximately 2000 population, the eye catching island attracts a large number of people to explore the topographical structure and different trends of their culture like their unique ‘Amashi’ language and ‘Gusama’ traditional dances.

The majority of Nkombo’s residents force their meal upon fishery and trade to DRC. Many tourists are interested to experience the lifestyle of the island’s population found nowhere else in the country.

The island that had lacked infrastructure in the past is currently shining with electricity, safe water, schools, health centers and a hotel.

Gihaya Island

Gihaya Island is also located in Rusizi district next to Nkombo but it is relatively small. Tourists like visiting the island for hiking exercise and sailing on Lake Kivu.

The island’s lifestyle is similar to Nkombo residents.

Akarwa k’Abakobwa

The island located in Nyamasheke district holds great history in Rwanda’s history. It is the place where girls with unwanted pregnancies would be dumped in the ancient Rwanda.

Tourists from different corners including women often visit the island to explore the area’s features.

Nyamunini Island

Nyamunini known as Napoleon Island, is located on the side of Karongi district. It is one of most visited islands due to the presence of eye catching bird species and fruits’ variety.

Amahoro Island

Amahoro means ‘Peace’. Located on the side of Karongi district, the island is renowned for giving comfort to people seeking calm whose hearts are soothed as they hear to the beautiful symphony of singing birds and fixing glance at waving water.

Nyakarwa Island

Nyakarwa is located in Karongi district. It is also home to various bird species always whose continues whispers lures tourists to stay.

Mpembe Island

Located in Karongi district, Mpembe Island is managed by an individual who established a four-kilometer area for people to enjoy foot walks. The place is renowned for giving comfort to visitors exploring its green vegetation with fresh air in the middle of Lake Kivu.

NB: Elaborated islands are the most visited ones as there are many more Islands in Lake Kivu. In 2012, Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) revealed that Lake Kivu is home to 250 islands, 56 of them being on Rwanda’s side.

Lake Kivu is home to eye catching islands.
Nkombo is one of most visited islands.
Nkombo residents use Maritime transport.
Nyamunini Island is located on the side of Karongi district.
Bird sighting also attracts tourists to visit Islands.