Journey into the heart of Rwanda: Global Line Safari unveils a two-day exclusive nature exploration

On 6 December 2023 at 11:07

Anticipation builds for the upcoming expedition on 23rd and 24th December 2024, as Global Line Safari invites adventurers to explore Rwanda’s natural wonders. Over two days, this exclusive journey promises a seamless blend of history, biodiversity, and captivating landscapes, providing a unique opportunity to delve into the heart of Rwanda’s natural treasures.

Commencing at 5 am in Remera on 23rd, the day begins with a warm welcome and a hearty breakfast, setting the tone for an unforgettable journey.

Participants will uncover Rwanda’s rich history with stops at the King’s palace and ethnographic museum in Nyanza and Huye.

The pinnacle of the adventure unfolds at Nyungwe National Park, renowned as one of Africa’s oldest rainforests. Boasting a quarter of Africa’s primates, including the common chimpanzee, and hosting around 300 bird species, the park serves as a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts.

Noteworthy conservation efforts in 2021 regenerated 1,277 hectares of indigenous forest, enhancing the park’s allure.

A standout experience awaits with the canopy walkway, an East African gem suspended 70 meters above the forest floor. Extending over 120 meters, it offers breathtaking views of the rainforest and mist-covered hills. Guided by experts, participants will have the chance to observe various bird species, primates, and other wildlife that call Nyungwe Forest home.

Following this exhilarating encounter, a moment of relaxation precedes the journey to Karongi, a tranquil beach retreat on the shores of Lake Kivu.

On December 24, the adventure continues with a leisurely breakfast, initiating a scenic journey to Rubavu, formerly Gisenyi. Traverse the picturesque landscapes of the Kivu belt, embracing the beauty of Lake Kivu, lush greenery, and the enchanting Gishwati Forest.

Gisenyi, a lakeside town, welcomes participants with its picturesque waterfront adorned with hotels and trendy bars, creating an ideal setting for sundowner cocktails. The day concludes with a boat excursion on Lake Kivu, surrounded by magnificent mountains and serene waters, offering a peaceful place to unwind.

Wrap up the day with lunch in Gisenyi, complemented by refreshing soft drinks. As the sun sets, relax during the drive back to Kigali, where the excursion concludes at Remera.

Pricing and inclusions

Embarking on this extraordinary journey, adventurers can choose from the following pricing options: Rwandan at 80k, EAC residents at $100, and International travelers at $150.

The package encompasses two days of seamless transportation, along with a night’s accommodation and a gastronomic experience featuring all meals and soft drinks as outlined in the itinerary. Water is readily available on board to keep participants refreshed throughout the expedition.

The comprehensive package also includes all tours specified in the itinerary, ensuring a thorough exploration of Nyungwe National Park, the canopy walkway, and the serene retreat of Karongi on the shores of Lake Kivu. Additionally, taxes and administrative costs are covered, allowing participants to focus solely on absorbing the beauty and cultural richness of each destination.

Professional photography services are provided, capturing the essence of every moment and creating lasting memories for participants to cherish.

Excluded from the package are travel and health insurance, as well as alcoholic beverages and other caffeinated drinks. Participants are advised to consider personal expenses for laundry, tips, shopping, and any other individual preferences.

For those eager to embark on this unforgettable journey, further information and reservations can be obtained by contacting Global Line Safari at the provided telephone numbers: Tel 0785781855 and Tel 0783633986.

Seize this extraordinary opportunity to explore the wonders of Nyungwe National Park and the serene beauty of Lake Kivu with Global Line Safari. Pack your sense of adventure, and let the journey unfold!

Nyungwe canopy walkway offers a memorable experience to travel enthusiasts.
Individuals will stand chance to explore the magnificence of Lake Kivu.
King palace and ethnographic museum in Nyanza.
Participants will uncover Rwanda's rich history with stops at the King's palace and ethnographic museum in Huye.
The day will conclude with a boat excursion on Lake Kivu.