Top ten hotels in Karongi District

By Théophile Niyitegeka
On 19 March 2022 at 01:22

With the land area of 993 square kilometers, 13 sectors, 88 cells and 537 villages; Karongi District is situated in close to 130 kilometers from Kigali City.

It is among districts with natural features and other touristic attractions luring visitors to prolong their stay. Located in Western Province, the district has been taking advantage of its proximity to Lake Kivu separating Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to fast track development.

Like many other districts, Karongi is characterized by a hilly topography with attractive features as well as cultural and historical vestiges of great significance to the country.

These include the Congo Nile Divide, spectacular view of Lake Kivu shores, Methane Gas, Nyungwe National Park, Gisovu Tea Plantation, Muciro natural forest and Ndaba rock among others.

In consideration of these attractions, investors have also taken advantage of this opportunity to set up hospitality establishments for visitors to enjoy a memorable sojourn in the district. So far, the district has registered 14 hotels, majority of which being constructed at the shores of Lake Kivu.

Apart from hotels, the upgrading of infrastructures is also ongoing to make Karongi more attractive.

Below is a list of top ten hospitality establishments adding up to the magnificence of Karongi district:

Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel

Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel is a five-star facility located in Bwishyura sector at the shores of Lake Kivu. It has 10 rooms where the cheapest one is booked at US$200 per night.

Moriah Hill Resort

The four-star hotel is also built in the vicinity of Lake Kivu. A guest standing in each of the hotel’s room gets a better view of Lake Kivu.

Moriah Hill Resort has 19 rooms and a multipurpose hall with the capacity to accommodate 150 guests.

Kivu Lodge Hotel

Kivu Lodge Hotel is a four-star facility with 21 rooms and one conference hall. It is built at a peninsula located in Gishyita sector.

Bethany Hotel

Bethany Hotel is among hospitality establishments welcoming a large number of guests in Karongi. The four-star hotel has 55 rooms and four conference halls.

Golf Eden Rock Hotel

Golf Eden Rock Hotel is among prominent hotels in Karongi. The two-star hotel has 116 rooms, 3 multipurpose halls, with the capacity to accommodate from 300 to 30 people.

Romantic Hotel

The hotel located at the shores of Lake Kivu has 35 rooms, 2 conference halls with the capacity to accommodate from 80 to 25 people.

Delta Resort Hotel

Delta Resort Hotel is a three-star facility situated in few meters from the Environmental Museum in Karongi town. Located at the edges of Lake Kivu, the hotel has 20 rooms.

Rwiza Village Resort

The three-star hotel comprised of traditional buildings is located at the shores of Lake Kivu. It has 10 rooms and 1 multipurpose hall.

Home Saint Jean

Home Saint Jean is a two-star facility build at the edges of Lake Kivu. It has 33 rooms and 2 conference rooms.

Cormoran Lodge

The three-star hotel is situated at the shores of Lake Kivu and has seven rooms with the capacity to accommodate up to 10 people.