Celebrating the Miraculous Assumption: Rwandans and the World Embrace Mary’s Day of Grace

By Alcade Ndemeye
On 15 August 2023 at 02:24

In a profound display of faith and devotion, Catholics in Rwanda and around the globe unite to celebrate Assumption Day, also known as the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. This sacred occasion, observed annually on the 15th of August, holds a special place in the hearts of believers worldwide.

Assumption Day embodies the deeply held belief that Mary, the revered mother of Jesus, was elevated to heaven, body and soul, through the divine intervention of God. It is a day of spiritual reflection, awe, and gratitude for the extraordinary role Mary played in the salvation story.

In the lush landscapes of Rwanda, the devout gather from near and far, transcending borders and cultures. Kibeho Holy Land, nestled within the Southern Province’s Nyaruguru district, stands as a pilgrimage site of immense significance. The apparitions of Mary to teenagers in 1981 bestowed a unique importance upon this place. The messages conveyed by Mary, urging repentance and fostering love among Rwandans, continue to resonate deeply.

As the world converges at Kibeho, souls are united in reverence. Believers from Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and beyond the African continent grace this sacred ground. Notable figures, including global celebrities and esteemed personalities, are drawn to the spiritual magnetism that emanates from this hallowed site.

The procession for this blessed feast is led by the venerable Bishop of Gikongoro Diocese, joined by devoted clergy and faithful Christians. This collective journey of faith and obedience underscores the unity and strength that arise from shared devotion.

As we commemorate Assumption Day, let us extend our heartfelt wishes to Rwandans and to all those who partake in this profound celebration. May the miraculous ascent of Mary inspire us to emulate her virtues of love, humility, and unwavering faith. Let this day serve as a reminder of the universal embrace of divine grace and the enduring power of faith to bridge cultures, transcend boundaries, and unite humanity in devotion and hope.

Thousand Christians have turned up at Kibeho Holy Land as the world celebrated Assumption Day.